We want all greenhomes to contribute actively to better living for our tenants.

How do we do it?
We research and implement a range of interventions that transform the home to create healthy, tranquil, comfortable environments.

We pay particular attention to certain elementary priorities inside the home; including spaciousness and intuitive layouts; light; air and water quality; sound mitigation; toxin-free materials; urban gardening and responsible food production.

We also examine the balance between the vast array of contemporary home solutions and simplicity; in favour of less clutter in the home, and in the mind. We believe that less can be more.

Around the home, we emphasise walkability and ease of access to parks and physical activity, as well as community service and volunteering. We believe that our emotional wellbeing is enhanced when we can walk easily to get what we need, be it groceries, meeting friends, a work-out, a patch of green, community activity, or public transport.

Finally, we “walk the talk.” When it comes to property management and maintenance, we offer our tenants operational transparency and efficiency, on line and in person.



We want to make all greenhomes as sustainable as period properties in Central London can be.

How do we do it?
The home can be a significant force in combating the Climate Change Emergency. The construction and operation of buildings in the UK produce 50% of this country’s CO2 emissions, largely from space and water heating. To tackle this, we not only meet, but often exceed industry regulations and standards in our developments. We pay attention to environmental impact during both the construction and occupation phases. Our interventions range across waste reduction and disposal, thermal insulation, renewable energy generation, and local ethical sourcing in the construction phase; and across efficient heating and lighting, water conservation, recycling and carbon offsetting during the occupation phase. In the same vein, we respect the built environment, salvaging materials and conserving the original features and vernacular of London’s period property stock; heritage forms an integral part of our sustainable future.


These savings and efficiencies are just a beginning. Beyond them, we make positive change more accessible by bringing our tenants opportunities to live more sustainably. Each of us is needed to achieve the kind of change that our times demand. At present we are working on initiatives to:

1/ encourage household waste reduction with zero waste as the ultimate goal. Because we produce monumental amounts of trash and our trash in turn hurts our health by damaging the land, air and water which supports all life including our own.

2/ encourage considerate nutrition, reducing the consumption of animals, with veganism as an eventual target. Because the farming methods we use to breed animals pollute air and water systematically and waste resources thus hurting the environment. Up to a third of the world’s carbon emissions come from agriculture and food production. So eating less meat is a good start! And, a more balanced diet also supports a healthier lifestyle.

We hope that our homes will inspire our tenants to live with consciousness and ease, feeling more connected to the natural world that surrounds us and supports us.


We are aware that our corner of West London registers high levels of income inequality, with Golborne Ward having the unfortunate distinction of being the poorest ward in all of London. We want greenhomes to help bridge this gap in quality of life and opportunity that exists amongst us; we work with The Grove Trust to channel local funds to local charities.

We are committed to a better way of living, starting at home.

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